Saturday, March 12, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small College

Advantages of a small college
A small college has a lot of advantages. First of all, a small college has a friendly atmosphere and students feel at home and comfortable. Because the campus is small, all the students know each other and often become friends. In addition, in a small college, teachers are available all the time. Also, they can pay more attention to every student because the student body in the class is small in number. As all the facilities are in one place, students can easily get services quickly. Finally, the small campus is easy to maintain and it is most often clean and beautiful. A small campus is therefore a second home for students.

Disadvantages of Small Colleges
Small colleges have several disadvantages. First of all, there are less variety of courses offered at small colleges. Because small colleges have limited resources, they may only be able to offer a small number of courses to students. There are also fewer student activities for students to participate in. Students are not able to develop their interests at small colleges because of lack of options in extra-curricular activities. Some small colleges may not offer student clubs such as basketball, debate, or photography. Small colleges also have fewer facilities such as computer labs, cafeteria, dorms, and sports facilities. Finally, for some students there is less prestige in attending a small college. Usually, small colleges are not as well-known as large colleges.  Many students prefer to go to a large college that everyone knows so  that after they graduate it will be easier to get a job. Fewer options in courses, activities, and facilities are good reasons why a small college may not be the best choice for students.


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