Saturday, March 19, 2011

My neighbourhood

My neighbourhood is quite interesting. A lot of people from different countries live in separate flats in one big building. We have a Pakistani family living next door. We have another Egyptian couple who both work. And we have another Bangladeshi family. Our neighbourhood has a big parking lot in front. There is a good coffee shop just at the corner and an excellent fast-food shop nearby. I can buy any kind of food and drinks from these two shops. I can also drive to some other good food-shops of different countries like Turkish ish-bulbul, Saudi Al-Fahm, Indian spicy curry, Pakistani dishes, American burgers etc. The main road is quite close to our place. We always hear sounds of speeding cars coming from the main road. Just across the road, there are some good shops where we can buy almost everything. There is a big mosque just two blocks away from our neighbourhood. There are some mountains and some green farms near my neighbourhood. In the evening, I spend my leisure time looking at this green plot. There are no high-rise buildings in my neighbourhood, so I can enjoy looking at the skies at night. I feel relaxed and happy living in my neighbourhood.