Monday, March 14, 2011

My Apartment

My apartment is the most relaxing place in the world for me. It is in a white building with many other apartments in a peaceful neighborhood. My apartment building has a swimming pool and gym which I exercise in every morning before I go to school. My apartment is small but pretty. Inside, there is a kitchen, living room, bathroom,and bedroom. The walls of my apartment are painted yellow and blue. The colours make my apartment look bright and cheery. There are large windows all over the apartment. When I'm home, I keep them open so I can enjoy the cool breeze. I also have a large balcony near my bedroom. On the balcony, I can see beautiful, green, shady trees and the other houses in my neighborhood. There is a playground nearby. I always hear the noises of children playing in the afternoons. My apartment is my home, and there is no place in the world like it.


  1. One great factor that people are looking for in an apartment is its environment. Even if the apartment itself has a great interior, the place outside still matters a lot. You're lucky to have a good place! ;)

    Chad Lewis