Thursday, May 5, 2011

Importance of Business - Opinion

Importance of Business (Opinion Chapter 3, Page 63)

Business is important in any country.  Business is mainly about buying and selling of goods. I believe that without business, people in countries around the world will not be able to survive. Firstly, business provides employment in the society. People are able to open businesses such as shops, clinics, and restaurants. These places need people to work for them.  Because of this, everybody will have a job. Secondly, people who own their own business provide a service to society.  Doctors own clinics that help sick people, and lawyers have law firms that defend people. Finally, a country's economy depends on buying and selling between people. If there is no business, a country will never earn money, and their people will be poor. Entrepreneurs are needed in society.  We should encourage all people to own a business in order to make society better.

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