Monday, May 2, 2011

Page: 62, No: 2

‘Money buys everything except love, personality, freedom, immortality, silence, peace.’

I totally agree with the saying. You cannot buy those things in any shop in the supermarket. If somebody doesn’t like you, you cannot make him or her like or love you. Similarly, our personality is the result of our education, family values, social settings, and the kind of people we mix with. No one can change or hide his personality. It is like your fingerprint – very much personal and unique.
Freedom and peace are two very precious things. You have to ‘earn’ your freedom and ‘establish’ peace in your life. Nobody is going to give you these two. And you cannot find them anywhere for money. Silence is also another very desired and soothing thing that you want to have in your life. Living is chaos and confusion can never bring happiness in life.
Finally, immortality is something scientists and researchers are after. No one or no object stays in the same condition. It is in the nature of every living thing to develop, grow and die in course of time. Immortality has so far been a myth for all the living creatures of the world.

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